About the Yada Yada Collective

We have spent several days to arrive at how objective the Yada Yada Collective should be in its surveys and virtual presence. No shared cup of coffee even, given YYC was born during the lockdown. But we’d love to have you over on our closed group discussions if you will. If you filled the survey, you are already a part of the collective! WE are still learning and now in this together.
Even as this collective grows and we talk about the market place and yada yada, the first three of us who have come together just woke up one morning wanting to run a survey. Of course we were nudged by other such movements that have very little or no focus on India-based artists and we understand how nuanced and complex the India context is. This is us:

Vidya Gopal

Illustrator and an ‘Intense Window Seat Person’ with a permanent side eye seeking out little anomalies in the mundane, everyday. Her published work includes Editorial, Children’s book and comic illustrations. She hopes to publish some of her Personal art projects as soon the virus backs down a bit. She has also learnt from the internet that powdered saunf (fennel seeds) and lime zest are an amazing cookie combination and wants the world to know.
Vidya is @spink_bottle on Instagram.

Megha Vishwanath

Illustrator and bit-of-a-chatterbox based in Bangalore, India. She loves writing rhyming verses and drawing animals, people and trees. Self published and published for Children’s content, Magazines and Comics, her toughest client is her toddler for whom she draws at the drop of a hat. Megha has been a freelance illustrator for more than 10 years now, but in the last 3 years she has taken a full time (as can be) plunge.
Megha is @moonlitnook on Instagram.


Slightly obsessed with all things food, Shubhashree is an Illustrator who just happened to take the long route to art via an engineering degree and IT career. When she’s not eating, cooking, or dreaming about food, she loves to draw and paint it. Passionate about sustainability, she’s published a couple of illustrated books as part of her ‘Let’s Talk Trash’ project. Her work includes children’s books, kitchen and bakery wall art, editorial illustrations as well as custom-made travel maps.
Shubhashree is @thehungrypalette on Instagram.